Weddings with complicated families

It seems like weddings used to be much simpler.  Whether that is true or not I do not know, but modern weddings can be a challenging event for the average bride and groom.  People put in months of planning, thousands of dollars, endless hours researching, traveling, interviewing, and tasting food.  Sometimes this stress can be compounded by a complicated family structure.

So often parents are involved in decision making for a wedding or even involved in paying for a wedding for the children.  It can be a tightrope walk to try and balance things between pleasing parents, step-parents, bride & groom and sometimes others.  This is where an experienced wedding professional can really help to smooth things out.Black & White Wedding

As a Master Of Ceremonies, I often find myself helping to find the right compromise to please all family members.  Sometimes that means playing the correct song or combining a special dance with parents/step parents.  Sometimes it is helping to understand the proper ways to honor people during a ceremony or where to “plug someone in” to make sure that different individuals feel included on a special day.  Other times it is working with brides & grooms who are already parents in order to create a special moment that helps to bond a new family together.

I am always mindful that these moments come and go quickly, but can be a life-long memory for the people involved.  This is why hiring the right DJ/MC is so critical to a wedding.  I always let people know that the music is important in setting the tone and feeling for the overall event.  But in addition to the music, what is said over the microphone and the way that we include the key people is equally important.  There is no substitute for experience in these matters.

There are so many “little choices” that are made during wedding planning.  All the details of the room, the colors, the flowers, etc.  Yet I believe that the overall feeling of the event is the most important factor for success.  This is why I spend so much time talking with my brides about what they want and how I can help them get just that.