Little known services of a quality Wedding DJ

When most people call me, they are in need of checking out my services to play music at their wedding. But by the time I am actually hired, my clients are happy and relieved to know that they have someone who can help them through the entire process of planning their wedding day event.

Am I a wedding coordinator?*  No.  But the planning process I provide helps to diminish the need for additional paid professionals on your wedding day.  A a good Wedding DJ is also a Master of Ceremonies. Unlike a nightclub or Party DJ that occasionally “does weddings”, a true MC will be able to speak effectively on a microphone in front of (sometimes) hundreds of your guests.  Can you imagine a nightclub DJ who works night after night in a club trying to effectively communicate to your grandmother about the cutting of a wedding cake?  Some can, but at the same time, I am not the guy you would want in your nightclub every night either!  :^)

As a Master Of Ceremony, I have a written planning guide that I help you think through and put together in the months prior to your wedding.  I can help with ideas about lighting, video slide shows, monograms, the order of events, etc.  Since I have seen hundreds and hundreds of weddings (I estimate that I have been a part of over 1,200 weddings), I can help you with money-saving ideas about your decorations, candy stations,  catering, your officiant, photographer, photo booth, and any number of other things.

I am an advocate for my brides & grooms.  Sometimes, I can help weed-out vendors that may be treating you wrong or give advice about what to look for in a venue.  I help put your mind at ease about contracts, insurance, staff turnover, day-of expectations, and so much more.  As a quality wedding DJ & MC, you cannot just put on your headphones and play music because you are wearing too many hats!

*A wedding coordinator is a paid professional that helps put your wedding budget together, contacts and interviews all of  your vendors, hotels, etc. (and sometimes pays them on your behalf).  They also create detailed day-of time-lines that include travel times, flowers, beauty salon visits, airport pick-ups, etc.  Wedding coordinators also help with the flow of the event, which for an average Dallas/Ft. Worth wedding is a service that I already provide as a part of my wedding DJ & MC services.