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DJ or Party Band? Now you can have both!

July 21st, 2013 by Mike

Hiring a live band can be a scary proposition.  By their very nature, you are hiring a group of people to play the music that they know and can perform well.  So what if your event has a wide variety of people?  Or what if you only want a “party band” during the dance, but not during dinner?  And who is going to make announcements for your wedding guests or special event crowd?

My chosen career in “the business” often causes me to contemplate the needs of others and come up with entertainment solutions that will work for them.  One idea that continuously has come up over the years is the idea of a small, energetic live band that can play party music, combined with a DJ&MC that can fill in gaps, play dinner music and make announcements.

The solution has been the formation (in 2008) of my band, The Metroplexers.  If you know me as a DJ & MC, you know that I can handle the announcements, organize the flow of your event, and make sure your guests are taken care of.  What you may not know is that I am a life-long musician and have played professionally in several bands over a long period of time.

The Metroplexers are designed to be a crowd-pleasing dance band.  We play the most popular dance/party hits based on the music I know works from years (*ahem decades*) of being a professional wedding DJ.  We can even customize a set from our playlist.  We play lots of stuff that is still on the radio, but we also know tons of music from the ’80s, ’70s, and even earlier Big Chill and MoTown eras.  The beauty is that if we need to fill the floor with a song we do not play, I am both the DJ and Keyboard player in the band.  So any song is available at any time!  No worries.  :^)

So what is an occasion that would be a good fit for The Metroplexers?

Live bands work best when you have a guest count of at least 100, but usually in excess of 150.  A live band puts out a lot of energy and can overwhelm a small audience where a DJ alone may be a better choice.  In our case, we are a four-piece band (guitar, bass, drums and keyboards) with 4 musicians plus one additional person to run our sound for a total of 5.  This means that we can play in a wider variety of venues than other bands with more people in them.  Some popular wedding facilities, for example, will not allow bands with more than four pieces.  While we prefer a stage, our band can also be tucked into the corner of a room or even in a strait line against a wall to save space.  If we are outdoors, we always require a flat surface or stage and a shaded area if the event is during the day.

Even with The Metroplexers as featured entertainment for the night, many other options are still available.  Wedding ceremony services (DJ), UpLighting, GoBo monograms, video screens and more can all be combined with any band or DJ service I provide.  If you do not know what is the best choice for your event (DJ or band or both), please call me and we can talk about it.

Here is a slide show with some audio clips of the band playing live:

MPXR Demo 2013 from Mike Mahnich on Vimeo.

The Metroplexers Play Non-Stop Party Music!

February 22nd, 2013 by Mike

The Metroplexers are sounding great and can provide your party, special event, wedding, corporate function, etc. with an exciting live-music show that is fun for all ages.  We are a four-piece band with guitar, bass, keyboards and drums.

All four of us are also singers, so harmony vocals and a variety of vocal textures are all part of our show.  And since we are a smaller band, we can play in places where others cannot.  We can also add DJ & MC services to your event for “the perfect mix”.

Check out the partial list of the songs we play:

Wedding & Special Event Band – The Metroplexers

September 18th, 2012 by Mike

Non-stop Party Rock! That is the motto of DFW party band, The Metroplexers.

The Metroplexers are having a great year playing weddings, special events, and even special night club showcases.  Most professional party bands in the DFW area are too expensive for a lot of budgets or they are simply too big.  Did you know that many venues do not allow bands of 5-pieces or more?  Lots of bands are just too big or too loud for many events.

That is why The Metroplexers were designed specifically to be wedding, party, and corporate friendly.  All-time party song favorites from the 1980s, 1970s and 1960s played live along with full DJ & MC services by Mike Mahnich (who plays keyboards in the band).  Check them out tomorrow at Lone Star Roadhouse in Dallas.

Summer Events, Pool Parties and “Dive-In” Movies. The right DJ makes a difference.

May 31st, 2012 by Mike

Summertime in Dallas and Fort Worth is so fun!  Apartment complexes, hotels, community event centers, assisted living facilities, HOAs and more are all looking for fun things to do to make this the best summer yet.

The old stand-bys of backyard barbecues and pool parties are all-time favorites, so why not enhance a winning idea with professional entertainment that will make the event super-memorable?  Here are some ideas and what to expect:

A DJ for your Pool Party - This is a great idea for parties large or small.  The right size sound system for your event from 20 – 200 people is easy for the right professional.  Combine that with a wireless microphone and your pool party can have hosted games, raffles, hula-hoop contests and more.  Get community businesses to donate prizes or sponsor food and drinks and the cost is minimal.  All you need is a dry (and shaded) area with a table and electricity nearby and you are good to go!

Book The Metroplexers party band – This band is made for community events or parties with 200+ guests.  Always a great mix of party music that is family-friendly, we also incorporate DJ music with endless variety.  Since we are a four-piece band, we can fit in small or large areas including a back yard.  Put us on a stage or on the sidewalk – either way your block party, car show, 5K fun run or other special event will be extra special!

Host a Dive-In movie – When it gets dark outside and you are wrapping up an evening barbecue event, nothing is cooler than watching a movie while floating in a pool.  Full-sound and a projector with a giant screen make for a very memorable event.  Watching favorites like Finding Nemo or Jaws are a good fit for the watery environment.  Adequate space is needed for a big screen and no fees can be charged for admission due to copyright laws.  Check the weather too because moderate wind can turn a big movie screen into a big sail.

For Saturday events ending before 3:00pm or any other day or evening during the week, prices are very reasonable.  Combine any or all of these ideas with your local community and you will have one unforgettable summer event!

Two Bands – One Night.

November 17th, 2011 by Mike

Come see me play with two of my bands on 11/23/2011 at Lone Star Legends in Garland, Texas.  First up is my rock & roll party band, The Metroplexers featuring our new line-up with guitar player, Randy Howard.  Lead singer, Larry Porter has moved from guitar to bass.

The Metroplexers are opening for my other band, Streetlight People - The Music Of Journey.  All Journey – All Night!

Cover charge is only $5.00 for an entire night of music and fun.  Hope to see you there!

Make a (wedding) vow to be debt-free…

April 19th, 2011 by Mike

What does money management have to do with hiring a DJ for my wedding?  Who is this guy that is writing this article anyway?  What does he know?  Well…

Lately I have had some interesting conversations with brides & grooms about their wedding expenses.  I am pleased to say that one of the trends that I have recently observed is that brides & grooms are seeking to have wedding ceremonies and receptions that do not cause them to go into debt.  Call it “the new economy”, being frugal, or just being practical – brides & grooms these days want the most value for each dollar spent.

Among so many other things (like playing music for example), a good wedding DJ & MC should also bring you a wealth of knowledge about how to speak with other vendors, tips and tricks to save money, cautionary tales of ways to avoid getting ripped-off, how to receive value-added packages etc.

As an experienced wedding disc jockey, I have seen lots of vendors in action, so it is in my best interest to make sure that my bride & groom will be happy on their special day.  If I can help them save money along the way with different ideas or recommendations, then I see that as an unwritten obligation.

Yes, I am a wedding professional.  But I am also a happily married parent of three kids and I know the hardships and stress that money problems can bring a family.  As I see young people moving toward their wedding day, I am always aware that the number one cause of marital strife is non-other than debt & money problems.  This surprises some.  But as our society seems to be getting better educated in the ways that money works, I am pleased to see the trend of moving away from frivolous expenses and putting money where it will mean the most on your special day.

The American Disc Jockey Association conducted a survey of brides just after their wedding day and determined that the one item above all others (except for the venue) that they would have paid more attention to was the wedding reception entertainment (like a DJ or Live Band).  In the minds of most guests, the wedding DJ & MC (more accurately the music played and the announcements made) were the most critical factor to the success of the event.   This means that the success of the DJ & MC contributed to the overall success/failure of the event regardless of the quality of the food, flowers, videographer, photographs, dresses, formal wear, decorations, party favors, etc.  This is what adds value!

When making the selection of key components for your reception try to “remember what people remember” and that getting the cheapest price isn’t always the best value.  Also remember that getting into debt to pay for a one-day event can put a touch of grey in what should be a beautiful day.  Brides & grooms receive a lot of gifts on their wedding day, and one of the best gifts to give yourself is a wedding day that is debt-free.

Note: even if you are not one of my happy couples, I am pleased to share tips & tricks with you to save money on your wedding day.  Feel free to email me at

The Metroplexers move ahead in 2011

January 11th, 2011 by Mike

When you are a professional disc jockey and a musician, you get to see a lot of fun events.  Super Bowl parties are coming soon and The Metroplexers are ready-to-go with a brand new look and sound for 2011.

Molly, Kyle, Larry and Mike (me) are all “real players & singers”.  Did you know that a lot of party bands are really playing to pre-recorded tracks?  Not us!  We work hard to make every note played and every word sung the best that we can.  Our unique blend of four musician/singers has us sounding like bands that are often twice our size.

That’s good for us all, because we can fit on any stage and in any budget!

Thanks to Tom Petroski for mixing our sound.  Check out our new demo:

Is there a doctor in the house? Yes, actually several…

December 6th, 2010 by Mike

This past Friday night, The Metroplexers had a blast as the entertainment for the MD Pathology Affiliated Laboratories 23rd annual holiday party.  These doctors, lab technicians, and administrators provide area hospitals with test results that help patients get properly treated for a variety of ailments.

The event was held at the Prestonwood Country Club, Hills location in Plano, Texas.  We got to play the role of “Dr. Feelgood” by playing our mix of classic hit songs from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.  Our four piece band plays non-stop for about an hour at a time and then we fill-in the sets with a live DJ (me!).  Add in a fun gift exchange game, dancing, and a fine dinner, and you get a fantastic night…which is just what the Doctor ordered.

Voice Over Studio is GO!

February 4th, 2010 by Mike

With the type of work I do, having a top-quality recording studio in my home is a must! We are fortunate to have a great “music lounge” in which we can create, work, relax and play.

The studio is particularly suited for voice over work, but I also use it for many other things. Wedding ceremonies (and sometimes receptions) often require special music edits to make things go just right for my special brides.  Also, editing videos and post-production are some of the things that having a studio at-the-ready can help with.

Because of the comfort and design of the entire room (not pictured here), I am able to consult with clients, singers, voice professionals, etc. and help serve the people that need it in an efficient manner.  My band, The Metroplexers also make use of the studio for rehearsal purposes, practice and cutting demos.

Of course keeping up with this website is a lot easier with the right tools too!

Am I dreaming?

January 1st, 2010 by Mike

Being a professional entertainer is a dream come true for the right kind of person.  I feel blessed to be a part of so many wonderful projects, special events, and once-in-a-lifetime moments.

As a professional DJ and Master of Ceremonies, I take pride in providing my clients with the best quality that I can as well as insight to the ins-and-outs of planning a special event.

My voice over clients can expect much the same in terms of quality and timeliness as my home studio is always up-to-date and sounds terrific.

And my band, The Metroplexers, is striving to be DFWs go-to party band for events and venues that want quality live music.  We play classic hit songs from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, but won’t kill your budget since we are a modestly sized, four-piece band.

I have started this blog/website to share these moments with you and give you a feel for what it means to me to serve you as a professional DJ, MC, Voice Over talent, keyboard player, singer, etc. If I could share the one thing that sets me apart is that I honestly care about my clients and the special moments that they allow me to share with them and their family & friends.

I am humbled and happy to be sharing the good times and interesting projects that come along and look forward to serving you too!