Smart Phone Uses At Weddings

Cell phones at weddings have recently been the cause of a lot of “digital backlash”.  Sometimes even to the point of Brides & Grooms issuing statements that their wedding will be “Unplugged”.  Ironically, these statements are often sent by digital means such as email or e-vite invitations.  So where is the balance of digital device […]

Social media, your wedding, and TMI.

The modern age has given us so many new ways to share information. Instant gratification is the norm and breaking news comes from any variety of sources – some reputable and some not. Facebook is certainly the “king of social media”, but it can certainly have its pros and cons (or “likes” and “dislikes”).  ;^) […]

Wedding budgets & when to book vendors

There are only two things I know that can be spent in this life: money and time.  When planning a wedding it is best to identify how much of each you have and make plans accordingly.  Some of the best advice I ever received about planning major events was to try and figure out to […]

Health & Fitness Clubs need DJs too!

A disc jockey can do a lot of things at different events.  Provide sound, wireless microphones, even video projectors.  Of course music is essential, but it is not always the primary reason to hire a DJ. A lot of work I do in the Dallas / Fort Worth area has to do with health and […]

Summer Events, Pool Parties and “Dive-In” Movies. The right DJ makes a difference.

Summertime in Dallas and Fort Worth is so fun!  Apartment complexes, hotels, community event centers, assisted living facilities, HOAs and more are all looking for fun things to do to make this the best summer yet. The old stand-bys of backyard barbecues and pool parties are all-time favorites, so why not enhance a winning idea […]