Voted Top 3% of Wedding DJs in DFW!

So humbled, happy, and grateful to once be among the top 3% of Dallas area wedding DJs as recognized by The Knot. Thank you to all of my brides and grooms I lost count awhile back, but best guess is that I am closing in on being involved with 1,400 ceremonies and receptions over a […]

How to choose wedding music for the bride’s entrance and exit

Wedding music is so personal that I always am reluctant to choose for people, but here are some guidelines to help those that do not have something clearly in mind.  Of course, the all-time most famous songs are Bridal March (aka Here Comes The Bride) and Wedding March (aka Newlywed Game Theme Song).  But that does […]

Smart Phone Uses At Weddings

Cell phones at weddings have recently been the cause of a lot of “digital backlash”.  Sometimes even to the point of Brides & Grooms issuing statements that their wedding will be “Unplugged”.  Ironically, these statements are often sent by digital means such as email or e-vite invitations.  So where is the balance of digital device […]

Outdoor weddings need a plan and a sound man.

There are so many wedding options in Texas; different facilities, number of guests, private residences, time of year, food choices, entertainment, etc.  The lists go on and on until it makes some brides & grooms’ heads spin.  One of the first choices that a bride has to make is whether to have an indoor or outdoor […]

Little known services of a quality Wedding DJ

When most people call me, they are in need of checking out my services to play music at their wedding. But by the time I am actually hired, my clients are happy and relieved to know that they have someone who can help them through the entire process of planning their wedding day event. Am […]

Weddings with complicated families

It seems like weddings used to be much simpler.  Whether that is true or not I do not know, but modern weddings can be a challenging event for the average bride and groom.  People put in months of planning, thousands of dollars, endless hours researching, traveling, interviewing, and tasting food.  Sometimes this stress can be […]

Social media, your wedding, and TMI.

The modern age has given us so many new ways to share information. Instant gratification is the norm and breaking news comes from any variety of sources – some reputable and some not. Facebook is certainly the “king of social media”, but it can certainly have its pros and cons (or “likes” and “dislikes”).  ;^) […]