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Smart Phone Uses At Weddings

Cell phones at weddings have recently been the cause of a lot of "digital backlash".  Sometimes even to the point of Brides & Grooms issuing statements that their wedding will be "Unplugged".  Ironically, these statements are often sent by digital means … [Read More...]

Outdoor weddings need a plan and a sound man.

There are so many wedding options in Texas; different facilities, number of guests, private residences, time of year, food choices, entertainment, etc.  The lists go on and on until it makes some brides & grooms' heads spin.  One of the first choices that … [Read More...]

Little known services of a quality Wedding DJ

When most people call me, they are in need of checking out my services to play music at their wedding. But by the time I am actually hired, my clients are happy and relieved to know that they have someone who can help them through the entire process of … [Read More...]